Alexander Mack Champions Self-Belief on His Album Debut, ‘’91 Two Forty’

Virginia based artist, Alexander Mack shines on his album debut, '91 Two Forty. Inspired by the famous Volvo series, Mack uses the vintage vehicle as a metaphor for his early aspirations. With a firm self-awareness, Mack creates a smooth concoction of jazzy hip-hop, taking brief moments to relish in his own singing ability. As if his skills as a lyricist and vocalist were not enough, Mack also holds the sole credit for the production featured on his personal debut.

From the moment the album begins, the tone is firmly set. A simplistic drum-hi-hat pattern creates a rhythm sporadically interrupted by the bursts of a jazz trumpet. What follows is the smooth talking, charismatic voice of Alexander Mack storying his early hustle. Flowing seamlessly, the album transitions from  its opener to "Small Time," a melodic showcasing of Mack's steadfast convictions toward making music. Haters be damned, Alexander Mack doesn't plan on going anywhere anytime soon.

It is with this unwavering confidence that Mack then lyrically deconstructs his doubters over heavy production on the album's third track, "On My Job." His throttling cadence and natural ability as a rapper highlights a lethal edge of his repertoire. Any self-doubt has been replaced with steadfast conviction, confidence and work ethic, a theme carried through the album's proceeding records, "Old School Cool" and "Just Got Paid."

A true testimony of Alexander Mack's artistry comes during his lusty psychedelic record, "I Need That." Utilizing a distorted futuristic effect, Mack conjures up an acidic love ballad reminiscent of The Purple One. This outburst of soul and psychedelia proves a multifaceted aspect to Mack's artistry that prophesizes longevity. Alexander Mack is so much more than your average crooner.

The album concludes as personally as it began. Speaking directly to the listener on "Note to Self," Mack reiterates the hardships he faced while chasing his dream. Acknowledging self-doubt, skepticism and lack of support he displays a vulnerability uncommonly seen from an artist's debut. Mack describes the project himself, saying,

"Each record reflects on everything from post - graduation depression to living with my parents to making sacrifices for my goals and working retail to relationships to realizing my self-worth, and to finally reaching a breakthrough. I created this project in my basement to pick myself up as I was going through these struggles, so I hope it's something that people vibe to and be encouraged by at the same time."

Alexander Mack proves himself to be an artist to not only watch but to obsessive over. The dynamic ability showcased on his album debut leaves us in awe of what he will create next. There is no doubt the dapper emcee will keep his brand of cool strong as he moves forward in exploring his untapped potential. We personally cannot wait to see the journey Mack is about to embark on.

Listen to Alexander Mack's debut album below: