Alternative Rocker Samia Is The Voice Of Her Generation [NEW ARTIST DISCOVERY]


"I will speak for my generation / Famous by association," Samia exclaims in her song "21." The alternative rock singer-songwriter has taken it upon herself to share what she knows to be true for not only herself, but so many others. Through her frank lyricism and guitar-driven tracks, each one of Samia's songs will leave you just as frustrated with the constructs of society as she is or crying at how beautifully she portrays them.

So far, she's only released singles that are all tied together by how frank she seems to be with her lyrical choices. In "Milk" she juxtaposes her grandmother passing away with her body image: "They pull the plug and her spirit ascends and she's singing to me from up high / I'm in the bathroom seeing how far my two fingers can fit around my thigh." Body image is brought up in another anthem, "21," in which she also addresses the pressures that face her generation – the need to please your family, go to college, and be the perfect woman.

Her most popular song is a feminist anthem released in 2017, which was not its original intention. Like many writers, she was pulling from personal experiences with men who were just plain mean to her, and she was fed up. The release of "Someone Tell The Boys" landed her on the "Badass Women" playlist on Spotify, jumpstarting what would become her following of strong and outspoken women.

Recently, Samia has worked with Active Bird Community quite a bit. As a feature on their song, "Somewhere," she provides raw harmonies that highlight the bands vocals quite nicely. The band also makes a cameo appearance along with S. Holden Jaffe from Del Water Gap, in her recent music video for "Lasting Friend." The song explores coming to terms with the unpleasantries of your past, as hard as that may be – you'll find her trying to get rid of them with a shovel in the music video. "Lasting Friend" was released on a two track single along with "Paris," a breathy ballad about a romance that couldn't survive the real world but thrived in the world that they had created.

As consumers of music, we are drawn to the artists who make us feel less alone. There's a lot of music to sift through to quench that feeling, but once you find it, you'll feel invincible. Through her raw honesty about the life that we don't always want to accept as real, alternative rocker Samia provides that sensation and then some.

Samia is currently on tour opening for Donna Missal and will also be opening for Hippo Campus later this year. See all dates below: