Anson Seabra Wears His Heart on His Sleeve in ‘Songs I Wrote in My Bedroom’


"I Dreamed a dream" are the first words uttered on Anson Seabra's expansive 15-track debut EP. It is an all-too fitting introduction for an artist whose career has been built on turning threads of fantastical dreamlike wonder into emotionally-gripping songs.

The past year has seen the Midwest native emerge as a singer-songwriter with undeniable promise. The rapid bout of growth can be partially attributed to micro-video sharing platform TikTok, where "Welcome To Wonderland" has quickly became a user favorite, amassing over half a million videos to date. Yet, as his new EP makes clear, there is a lot more to Seabra than the Alice in Wonderland-inspired track.

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Songs I Wrote in My Bedroom is just that. The 15-track offering sees Seabra at his most intimate and moving, letting us into his innermost thoughts and feelings. "Dawning of Spring," with its bird coos in the distance and soft-spoken heartfelt lyrics, sets the serene tone of what is to follow. It is a connecting thread that brings us to the piano ballad "Emerald Eyes," as Seabra reminisces, "The birds they sang a melody." As one song flows into the next, listening to Songs I Wrote in My Bedroom is akin to slipping from one scenic setting to the next in a wistful daydream.  

Each track present on Songs I Wrote in My Bedroom similarly feels delicate to the touch, as if glimpsing at a memory captured in glass. It is a testament to Seabra's gift with words and ability to draw the most out of minimalistic soundscapes. 

However, what makes Seabra universal in scope is not the masterful composition or excellent lyrical depth. It is how even in the closing track, "Don't Forget to Breathe," he paints a portrait of a human still discovering himself - flaws, aspirations, and all.  

Listen to Songs I Wrote in My Bedroom below: