Ant Saunders Continues to Win Over Our Hearts With His “Yellow Hearts” Video

Since dropping his hit single "Yellow Hearts," the music industry at large has had their eyes on emerging artist Ant Saunders. First going viral on TikTok, it queued up the song for instant success across all other streaming sites. The song is an addictive bop, a consistent repeat on just about everybody's personal playlist. Simple and mesmerizing, Saunders continues to show that less is more in his new music video for the viral hit.

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“Yellow Hearts" hit on a personal level for many. Though people think it's a love song, Saunders explains it comes from a state of confusion. Putting in full effort to show someone special you care, but only getting vague answers in responses. Saunders clarifies, 

"A lot of people think it's a love song, and it's really not. It's about a girl who was interested at first, but over time I couldn't tell anymore. Whenever I would give her a compliment, she'd respond with yellow hearts. I looked it up, and they stand for friendship, but since not everybody goes by those meanings, the fact that I wasn't sure became really stressful."

The music video hits on a personal level for Saunders. It takes place in his hometown of Woodbury, NJ, filmed on a 16mm camera. The video shows Saunders and his longtime friends hanging around common spots they often found themselves at whilst growing up. Other shots include Saunders in his childhood home where he recorded "Yellow Hearts" and the actual classroom he wrote the lyrics in. Saunders' video reminds us how things used to be before the world of adulting hit in.

It's amazing how a minimalistic music video like this one can really bring you back to your old stomping ground days. Saunders is an artist you can easily relate to, a trait many artists strive to acquire but cannot quite show to their audience. A trait we easily see taking Saunders to the next level. 

Watch the video for "Yellow Hearts" below: