Aries Delivers a “One Punch” K.O. on New Animated Single

One Punch Man is a manga built around the conceit of previous knowledge. It assumes you know Dragon Ball Z's main antagonists, whether it be Frieza or Cell, will not meet their end without a lengthy monologue from Goku or Gohan. And it is this self-aware wit and active circumvention of conventions that define One Punch Man, arguably one of the best Shonen mangas of the modern era, existing in tandem as satire and pinnacle of the genre. It is also this foundation that lays the groundwork for Aries' "One Punch," a similar active defier of genre norms and conventions.

Preceded by singles "Kids on Molly" and "Ditto," "One Punch" arrives as the latest infectious taste of Aries' highly-anticipated forthcoming album, Believe in Me Who Believes in You, set to release November 12. Built around Aries' trademark delivery, which calls to mind both the effortless cool of emo-rap and drawl of Southern California alternative, the genre-bending purveyor delivers a track fit to be an anime opening. It's a sentiment largely elevated by the idiosyncratic production that lays the groundwork for Aries' nonchalant lyricism to evoke feelings of both wistfulness and unshakeable confidence.  

Alongside the standout track arrives an equally compelling music video, animated by j4yo_0 and Aries himself. With imagery that pays homage to Legend of Zelda and fight scenes that could be straight out of Dragon Ball Z, Aries brings his original vision to life. "I wrote this song from the perspective of a warrior that's saved a princess. The first half of the song is about protection but then the warrior starts to resent the princess as the song develops,“ he shares.

Watch the "One Punch" video below: