Ashe on John Mayer, Cookie Butter, and Her Trip to the Gynecologist | Quick 6

Ashe is an absolutely refreshing voice in pop. With a debut EP that draws upon bossa nova, swing, and the poignant pop ballads of yesteryear, the Los Angeles singer-songwriter is bringing a wholly distinctive take to the genre. Plus, there is the fact that she released one of the best Valentine's Day tracks of recent memory, featuring production from FINNEAS and a vocal contribution from Billie Eilish. With features on multiple Louis the Child tracks and currently on tour with Quin XCII, we did the only sensible thing one does when they have time alone with a rising star; we asked Ashe six seemingly random questions.

In our latest Quick 6 interview, we get to know a thing or six about the ray of sunshine personified that is Ashe. From what she thinks of John Mayer's likelihood to win a bar fight, her love for cookie butter, to the surreal self-discovery that accompanied her last visit to the gynecologist, this is Ashe.

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