Baby Rose Soothes Lost Souls with Birthday Track, “August 5″


August 5th may be Baby Rose's birthday, but the present she got for herself is also a gift to the whole world. Her new single, appropriately titled "August 5th," is exclusively available on SoundCloud and teases her forthcoming To Myself which arrives Aug. 22. With a voice like that of Nina Simone and Tracy Chapman's lovechild, Baby Rose's new single will without a doubt put you right in your feelings. 

Soft R&B drums and minimalist instrumentation accompany the solemn siren's cooing vocals, as she acknowledges her nostalgia for the past while striving to keep up with the ever-changing nature of life. The vulnerability and articulation in her lyrics reveal a pensive mind and old soul, one that has set out to heal the wounded hearts of her listeners. Listening to "August 5th" feels subliminal yet grounding, like that moment of clarity and ecstasy that comes at the end of a much-needed emotional release. 

Lyrically, "August 5th" sees Baby Rose glancing back at different moments in her life, remembering specific ages and the struggles that governed her younger self at that time. In celebration of her birthday and its accompanying single, the songstress is performing a special show at Aisle 5 in her hometown of Atlanta, GA. For our friends across the pond, she will be going on a mini Europe tour in support of Snoh Aalegra in September. 

Baby Rose shared about the emotions behind her birthday single:

"The song is really about how no matter how old I am, or wise I get, there will always be bumps in the road and lows I have to overcome. It's a reminder for me, on my bday August 5th, to embrace the journey."

Get your hands on Baby Rose's sweet sonic syrup before she becomes an international phenomenon. 

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