bbno$’s ‘good luck have fun’ Will Have You Wishing You Could Stay

"Good luck, have fun" is something you may have heard on your way out the door, leaving home. But now it's also the title of bbno$ and lentra's new collaborative album. Marked by percussion pockets, 808s and catchy cadences, good luck have fun is the perfect dose of lyrical levity and heavy, hard-hitting rhythms. 

bbno$'s timely movement through, in between, and all around lentra's beats is a testament to the use of vocals as an added instrument working in tandem with the production. The album features various styles from "jack money bean" and "mahogany," which embody smooth trap, to "feeling good," a standout punk cut. Some songs, like "mememe" have a Pharell or The Neptunes production vibe, while others like "imma" are driven by a house groove. We even hear bbno$ flexing his vocal chops in the melodic tune, "man in the mirror."

This bbno$, lentra collaboration feels like an ideal match, as the two have their fair share of experience creating together. They've teamed up on many singles over the years, the first being a bop called "ferrari fitness" released in 2017. Fast forward three years, good luck have fun is their first full album together, which also features (lentra's artist alter-ego), as well as other artists like Yung Gravy, Crosby, and TrippyThaKid. 

Listening to the good luck have fun is a reminder of the playfulness of life. Sometimes it's best to not take things so seriously, be present and "have fun" with it. You certainly will, while listening to this album. 

Listen to good luck have fun below: