Berel’s “Before You Go” Video Is a Blissful Ode to Human Connection


“Before You Go” arrived as a slinky R&B tune that was a clear standout on Berel’s debut EP Thirteenth Floor, and now it has gotten a full-bodied video treatment. Dropping right at the peak of the most romantic month of the year, the Los Angeles-based musician manages to carve out his own space in the sensual genre. 

“Before You Go” soundtracks a level of tasteful intimacy between people and our world, describing moments of pure connection and unadulterated intent. The video does its best to display that truly uncomplicated relationship, all the while Berel’s falsetto swirls from ear to ear and soft hues float from eye to eye. Berel told us he wanted “Before You Go” to “explore the concept of intentional community,” sharing, 

“It’s an ode to when life was more detached from technology and we were pushed back closer to our roots as humans. The visual paints a surreal picture of what our world would be like if we all lived a little more intentionally and connected to each other.”

Shot on film in Santa Clarita against the backdrop of a warm and glowing bungalow nestled near a hillside, we see Berel and his female counterpart contemplate and engage their existence in this sunset-soaked world. Directed by Christian D.K Long, the video embodies the most enchanting moments of the ‘70s – tactfully edgeless and specifically vibrant. 

Watch the “Before You Go” video below: