boyband Enlists Billy Martin of Good Charlotte for “Death Note”

Photo: Khalil Osborne

Top 10 anime openings. The WatchMojo reference and meme in and of itself is perhaps the best way to describe boyband's adrenaline-pumping debut single. While boyband is a name you may not yet be readily familiar with, chances are you have heard his production work. The Grammy-nominated producer has lent his talent to Young Thug, Gunna, and most notably "Kick It" from Lil Nas X's Grammy-nominated 7. Today sees him stepping into the spotlight to deliver the first chapter of emo rap's next star.

"Death Note," released via Dirty Hit Records, is the perfect fusion of nostalgia and hip-hop's growing penchant for late-stage emo. Joined by Billy Martin of Good Charlotte, boyband presents a hypnotic vision of heartbreak accentuated by Hennessy-fueled nights. It is not one scored by mawkish sentiments but one defined by the inherent juxtaposition of simultaneously wanting someone more than anything and wishing they would disappear from your timeline. boyband spoke further on how Billy Martin helped bring "Death Note" to life, sharing,

"I recorded 'Death Note' when I was on a three-day binge of just doing records. It started with Billy Martin messaging me on Twitter … and I was just like ‘do you know who you are? you’re a legend, let’s make history’ aha.“

Taking its name from popular anime (and less popular Netflix live adaption) Death Note, "Death Note" may not be an official anime opening, but it carries with it that grandiose life or death energy of one. boyband is a master of crafting an intoxicating vibe, and this feels like just the beginning.

Listen to "Death Note" below: