Brent Faiyaz & Tyler the Creator Lean Into Change & Fame on “Gravity”

To say the past few years have been kind to Brent Faiyaz would be a massive understatement. Since making waves on Goldlink's 2016 hit "Crew," the Maryland singer and producer has released two successful solo projects, earned a Grammy nomination, and dropped almost a dozen singles - including last year's "Dead Man Walking." He's been making the shortlist for upcoming artists on virtually every music publication paying attention, and it seems like Brent's time in the spotlight is fast approaching.

After a few months of silence, Brent has finally returned to give fans their first taste of 2021, "Gravity." Produced by the legendary DJ Dahi (you can thank him for Travis Scott & Kacy Hill’s "90210" and Kendrick Lamar’s “Money Trees,”) "Gravity" features a verse from Tyler, The Creator, and the two artists trade meditations on fame, change, and struggling to maintain relationships when success gets in the way.

Listening to "Gravity," it is astounding to think about how much both Brent Faiyaz and Tyler, The Creator have grown since 2017. Brent's vocal timbre still has its signature smooth gossamer-feel, but his performance carries a confidence and energy that has clearly been developed through years of experimentation and hard work. He and Tyler both complement each other as equals - two artists in the prime of their career making hits and having a great time doing it. DJ Dahi's production deserves credit as well, as his mix is meticulous, with Brent's transposed vocals sounding interesting and original. "Gravity" is a futuristic single full of balanced percussion and out-of-this-world harmonies, and by the time Tyler, The Creator comes in, it's hard not to get upset that we didn't get this collaboration sooner.

Brent and Tyler go back and forth singing about an initial reluctance to move forward, but ultimately they look to the future and embrace the change that comes with it. Brent's lyrics carry a hint of guilt in them, with lines like "I don't want you waiting too long / She hold me down like gravity" making up the chorus. Tyler is much more forthcoming, and with a straightforward candor he raps about the same issue. His lyrics like "See, I’m a star - Look at me from afar / Hard to be down to Earth, when you nestin' on Mars" entreats the listener to see his perspective. When they're flying around the globe on tour, the last thing they want to do is feel too tied down to home. This isn't all negative, however, as Brent suggests that he feels both held down and grounded - which makes this separation that much harder. Brent and Tyler certainly have found themselves in a difficult situation, but with a future as bright as theirs, it's hard to imagine them lamenting the past too much.

"Gravity" marks the first release from Brent Faiyaz this year - and another guest verse from Tyler, The Creator following his appearances on 2020 albums like Freddie Gibbs' Alfredo and Lil Yachty's Lil Boat 3. It is still unknown whether or not we can expect new music or full length-releases from Brent and Tyler this year, but fans will likely have no problem waiting. After all, It's difficult to complain with a track like "Gravity" in your rotation.