Carly Paige Closes Out the Summer with Her Cinematic “summer of nineteen” [PREMIERE]


Photo credit: Casey Chen

First floating onto our radar when she was featured on a collaboration with Fly By Midnight, Carly Paige has finally returned with her first solo single in over a year. Combining retro sounds and modern-pop grooves, "summer of nineteen" sets the perfect stage for her upcoming EP, indie pop post rock cinematic sometimes: vhs.

Carly Paige possesses an ethereal tone to her voice, allowing it to float above the instruments underneath. Though delicate in sound and body, she communicates the intricate lyrics in a truly emotional performance. The production is driven by an infectious kick drum and swirling synths that pull together the song's enchanting and gripping nature. Talking on the song's subject, Paige said,

"Before the session, I had been mindlessly scrolling on my phone and came across a photo that said 'the summer of ‘69' - just some artsy, Tumblr-y picture - but it made me think: If I met someone right now, and it turned into something real and long lasting, would we tell people when we’re old and grey, 'It started in the summer of '19?' The thought made me giggle a little, but I was like, 'Yeah, I think we would.' I went into the session that day with the idea and just went for it."

"summer of nineteen" tells a charming story that makes us all reflect on noteworthy moments in our lives. Was the summer of 2019 one for the history books, full of stories to tell the next generation? Nonetheless, the song is a reminder to live in the present so we can smile when reminiscing on the past.

The Arizona-native fell in love with songwriting when she received her first guitar at ten-years-old. Now living in LA, the young songstress lends her craft to a variety of artists, including upcoming cuts with BANNERS, Dove Cameron, R3hab, and All The Cool Kids (AJ McLean of the Backstreet Boys).