Charlotte Cardin’s “Drive” Is a Mesmerizing Excursion Worth Taking


There is a mystical quality to Charlotte Cardin's jazz-infused pop. It flows forth from the Montreal artist with a gentle force that pushes against the linear march of time, reaching back into music's past to derive a sound that is distinctively classic yet modern. Cardin employs this unique talent to wondrous effect in her last single and video, "Drive." 

In her latest single, the model-turned-otherworldly-artist strides through a resonant, sparsely decorated soundscape. "Drive" follows up her recent singles "Les jupes" and "Double Shifts," and has us begging the question, "Is Cardin preparing for an album release?" Well, if "Drive" is any indication of what is to come, then we can say with unwavering confidence that we cannot wait for what lies in store. 

Every singular aspect that went into creating the world of "Drive" is captivating. From the guitar that is left to drift in a void to Cardin's vocals that seem to be always carrying with them a hushed secret, this is the Montreal artist at her finest. Cardin is single-handedly giving Toronto a run for its money when it comes to the capital of sultry R&B indulgence. However, as to be expected of any project of Cardin's, the real star of the show is her always-impressive vocal ability. Restrained yet powerful, seductive, and timeless, Cardin evokes all of this and more throughout the mesmerizing three-minute excursion that is "Drive." 

Watch the video for "Drive" below:

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