Cheb Rabi Lets His Music Speak on His Behalf on “Void”

Every modern artist seems to be more connected and accessible than ever. When an artist chooses to remain enigmatic and withdrawn, it immediately becomes interesting, especially when the music is as captivating as Cheb Rabi. 

Not much is known about the New York native, except a 2019 single titled "Summer Baby (Bloody Winter)" and a high profile collaboration with veteran and cultural icon, Skepta. Cheb Rabi broke his longtime silence with a teaser directed by Aiden Cullen and posted directly to his Instagram accompanied by one word - "Void."

Not long after the teaser for the song, Cheb Rabi released the full version of the track "Void." You can hear the pained emotion in Cheb Rabi's strained vocal inflections as he laments on past love. His unorthodox delivery is matched perfectly with a moody and atmospheric instrumental produced by Spray Allen. The single feels just as the single cover looks - dreamlike and emotional. The guitar-driven ballad is at an incomparable intersection of genres, styles, and time periods. Different influences culminate to create a psychedelic take on left of center indie-pop.

"Void" makes it abundantly clear that during Cheb Rabi's hiatus, he was perfecting his songwriting and finding his own distinct sound. Cheb Rabi remains an enigmatic figure in the underground, but with singles like "Void," he is likely to be on everyone's radar in the near future.

Listen to "Void" by Cheb Rabi below: