Dora Jar Is Comfortably in Pain on New Single "Lagoon"


Photo: Neema Sadeghi

Dora Jar introspectively examines her pain in her latest track, “Lagoon,” the second single from her upcoming EP Comfortably in Pain. The project, which also features “Scab Song,” follows Jar’s stunning debut EP, Digital Meadow, a striking seven-track project that saw her perform alongside artists like Holly Humberstone, Remi Wolf, and The Neighbourhood.

“Lagoon” is a melancholic track that weaves together an immense amount of yearning to be known, seen, and appreciated. The singer’s warm and distinctive vocals shine on the chorus, “I’m comfortably in pain / My love is a lagoon / Too deep to be known by you.” With its upbeat and psychedelic backdrop, the single feels otherworldly yet familiar. “Lagoon is written from the perspective of a lonely mermaid who craves connection and intimacy,” says Jar. “She is afraid the depths of her heart are too deep for anyone to truly understand her.”

“Lagoon” is just a preview of one of 2022’s most exciting artists to watch. With early co-signs from the likes of Billie Eilish, Grimes, and Wolf Alice for breakout tracks like “Polly” and “Multiply,” all before she played her first-ever live shows in late 2021, Jar is undeniably an artist to watch. 

The 24-year-old’s free spirit and formative sound spans influences of bedroom pop, grunge, and folk and are held together by Jar’s playful, sometimes-eccentric visual eye. Yet, beneath her adaptable sound and eye-catching style is an artist of depth and substance. “I want to leave the door ajar in my imagination. Let light seep through the crack.”

Watch the "Lagoon" lyric video below: