Dounia Calls Out Insecure Men In “LOWKEY GRL”


Our favorite fierce female is back with yet another flawless feminist anthem. Moroccan-American artist Dounia uses every platform within her reach to share her outspoken opinions, and right now she is using her music to speak out against hypocritical, insecure men in her latest single, "LOWKEY GRL." The refreshing activism she displays in this bop not only speaks out against unconfident men and the unrealistic standards they put on women, but also encourages people to accept their culture through the use of her native language.

Born in Queens, New York, and raised in Morocco, Dounia's worldview has been heavily influenced by living in both American and Moroccan cultures. She understands the privileges people take for granted in America, and this motivates her to educate people about various issues. In "LOWKEY GRL," Dounia speaks of men who don't have the most secure sense of self, so they don't know what they're looking for in a relationship. 

Dounia shared with Complex

"Basically this is a song poking fun at people who say they want a lowkey girl but also an independent boss but also a loner with ample free time but also a social butterfly that commands the room but also…"

Their lack of confidence doesn't affect her though, since she's "a poppin' girl." Her self-confidence and activism is inspiring to many, as proven by her hundreds of thousands followers online.

Dounia keeps the essence of bedroom pop in all her impeccable rap-infused R&B tunes while creating her signature dreamy sound. Her confidence shines through her carefully crafted lyrics and rolling melody. Her slightly aggressive tone exemplifies her passion against all of the hypocritical people in the world.

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