Elroy Disregards Boundaries on His Highly Catchy Single “PARASITE”


The Hyperpop community has been the most compelling underground scene in 2020. Characterized by a disregard for genre boundaries, a rebellious attitude, and abrasive electronic instrumentals, this community is gradually influencing the future of mainstream pop. Pennsylvania native Elroy embodies these sounds and ideas, but does it on his own terms.

His self-produced Demonslayer EP establishes him as a forward thinking artist merging Alternative, Hip Hop, and punk deliveries all over inventive electronic instrumentation. What stands out most about Elroy's music is his songwriting. Elroy is a strong storyteller with each song reflecting on his own internal struggle, but he's able to convey this emotion all while making music that is highly catchy. 

Elroy ends the year with one of his hardest-hitting tracks to date "PARASITE." The self-produced song features glitchy production and Elroy's signature deep delivery. The track is an unorthodox approach to Alternative Hip Hop with all the characteristics of the Hyperpop scene and its rejection of musical boundaries. Elroy is creating his own lane and "PARASITE" is just the beginning.

Listen to "PARASITE" by Elroy below: