Emma Zander Tells The Honest Truth on “America’s Favorite Tranquilizer”


Photo By: 36neex

Today, we premiere a unique song with an interesting take on some of the recent problems within the US. Emma Zander breaks barriers with her new single "America's Favorite Tranquilizer", making a statement about the downward spiral of addiction in the age of anxiety. From pill abuse, to social anxiety, to our addiction to social media, Zander hits the nail on the head.

A New York native, Emma Zander strives to be a voice of a generation. Her songs are about what it means to be in your mid-twenties right now, the stress of the recession, and the high standards Millennials and Boomers hold them to. Zander breaks down her new single,

America's Favorite Tranquilizer is a bold, quirky anthem for the disillusioned.  A playful ode to the numbing devices –from social media to xanax to candy – that get us through the day. I had been wanting to write a song with this title for a while, ever since I saw an article in Newsweek, called "Age of Anxiety: America's Love of Tranquilizers." I ran it by a couple producers and they weren't super into it. But Jon [Lundin] is so punk-rock that he immediately was like "Yeah! That would be a dope song!" Thus, our weird, quirky anthem for the disillusioned was born. America's Favorite Tranquilizer doesn't just represent one thing - to me, it's everything we use to numb ourselves: from Netflix, to weed, to Xanax, to alcohol, to social media, to sex. I wanted to make a statement - "take a pretty pink pill" felt like a kitschy, glamorous way to address our constant need to be numbed and entertained.

Jon Lundin and Emma Zander create an unstoppable team with this song. The production is divine. The simplicity behind it allows us to focus on the message within. But when the chorus hits, it really hits. An "anthem" is an undersell when it comes to describing "America's Favorite Tranquilizer". Zander didn't stop there. They created the perfectly uncomfortable music video to accompany the song. The video shows Zander unravel into a mess before our eyes in a colorful and vivid story. Entertaining and too real, Zander created a bold message you have to see for yourself.

Watch "America's Tranquilizer" below: