Every Song Featured in Euphoria Season 2, Episode 2


Photo: HBO


Euphoria Season Two, Episode Two, “Out of Touch,” was just as chaotic and shocking as its premiere. This episode was full of secrets, fantasy sequences, and storylines full of drama, leaving fans, or at least me anyway, with their jaws on the floor already wanting more.

This week’s episode continues to deliver a carefully curated soundtrack that moves the story forward. Below is the playlist for (almost) every song featured on “Out Of Touch.” Enjoy!

“Live or Die” by Lil Xan and Noah Cyrus: Nate fantasizes about Cassie and the life they could have together.

“I’ve Never Felt So Alone” by Labrinth: Nate wakes up from his coma. Rue smiles at Jules in the hallway on the first day of school after the New Year.

“Come Rain or Shine” by Judy Garland: Maddy tries on a closet full of designer clothes while babysitting Theo.

“Do What You Want, Be What You Are” by Hall & Oates: Plays in the background while Ethan hangs out with Kat in her room.

“Haunted” by Laura Les: Lexi rides her bike to meet Fezco at the gas station.

“Right Down The Line” by Gerry Rafferty: This song makes its second appearance in season two; this time, it plays when Rue ditches dinner with Jules to do drugs with Elliot.

“She Brings the Rain” by Can: Rue bikes around the neighborhood and sees Cassie run over to Nate’s truck. Maddy does her makeup and calls Nate and Cassie, who ignore her calls.

“Return of the Mack” by Mark Morrison: Maddy laments to Jules about how she thinks she’ll never find love without darkness in it.

“Blue Monk” by Thelonious Monk: Ali drives Rue home after the NA meeting and talks about jazz.

"Understand Me" an unreleased song by Labrinth: Plays out during the closing credits.