Goody Grace and blink-182 Face Their Flaws in “Scumbag”


Goody Grace is the newest emo kid on the block. Following a string of high-profile collaborations, from lil aaron, G-Eazy, to The Neighborhood, Goody Grace's latest sees him linking up with pop-punk legends blink-182. "Scumbag," produced by The Futuristics, sees the up-and-coming alternative artist and blink-182 joining forces for a reflective moment of emo revival. 

The collaboration follows Goody Grace joining the band during both their Los Angeles and New York City arena shows to lay down an iconic performance of "Adams Song." Goody Grace spoke on the collaboration and his admiration for blink-182, sharing, 

"Blink-182 is the reason I started playing guitar when I was a kid. Their music helped me through my entire childhood and teenage years and I couldn’t be more honored to have them on a song of mine. Travis Barker reached out to me last fall to open for Blink in Las Vegas and we've become great friends since then. I hope 'Scumbag' can be the anthem for people's lives such as Blink's entire discography is for me."

The song and its grungy accompanying video are all about Goody Grace coming to terms with the fact that his girlfriend is right; He is a scumbag. "She says I'm a scumbag / Wants to take her love back / Story of my life / Why am I such an asshole?" Goody Grace confesses in a moment of self-questioning that is emotively scored by Travis Barker Mark Hoppus. She wants out of the relationship, while Goody Grace acknowledges his flaws and hopes he can be better. 

Shot on location in Goody Grace's hometown of Manitoba, Canada, dull greens and grays bleed through the video, serving as a picture-perfect match to the moody sonics. Goody Grace is seen slouched, dragging his feet to his girlfriend's house following a fight that quite literally breaks him. When Grace arrives at her house, she's on the couch with another guy, clearly moved on. In classic pop-punk fashion, Barker and Hoppus join Goody Grace in an overflowing suburban garage for a final serenade. 

Will Goody Grace get the girl? Watch the “Scumbag" video below to find out: