“Grass Stains” Is The Perfect Alt Coming of Age Tune [Premiere]


Somewhere in the throes of upstate New York sits Laura Wurster doing her best to create authentic guitar influenced melodies. Her newest single "Grass Stains" is the charming alt rock result. Her work is like that of the millennial child Phoebe Bridgers and Joni Mitchell should've had. 

With angular chords and a steady harmony throughout, Wurster channels a new nostalgic feel. Lyrically she doesn't shy away from the youthful pains of being pure at heart leaving no coming of age feeling untouched. Wurster told us, "[It's] a song about growing up, heartbreak, personal growth and learning how to pick yourself up from hard times." Grass stains remind us of what we've done and when we do get back up again, we can dust them off. 

Listen to "Grass Stains" below: