Hip-Hop Collective O2worldwide Displays Chemistry and Personality on “WHAT’S THE MOVE”


O2worldwide started out as friends casually making music together back in 2018 and has quickly evolved into one of the most exciting contemporary Hip-Hop collectives. The 16-person Oklahoman collective is made up of rappers, photographers, producers, singers, and songwriters. The collective is only just beginning, and they already have an established sound and clear vision for the future.

Their new single "WHAT'S THE MOVE" is laid back and R&B infused with a smooth hook and memorable verses. The verses throughout the track are filled with youthful energy and personality. The standout moment of the song is the nostalgic performance on the hook. The synth driven instrumental matches the charisma and relaxed energy of all the artists effectively.

O2worldwide may be comprised of many members, but "WHAT'S THE MOVE" proves that all these diverse members share a common goal and artistic identity. In this big collective, there's no shortage of talent and interesting storytelling. "WHAT'S THE MOVE" is just the latest single in their growing discography of captivating Hip-Hop tracks that incorporate both old school and contemporary influences.

Listen to "WHAT'S THE MOVE" by O2worldwide below: