Honeycraft and Tim Atlas Take a Dreamlike Approach to Detachment in “Inside”


Honeycraft is Los Angeles' best-kept secret, well at least for now. The effortlessly dreamy project of Catherine Rose Smith, the up-and-coming artist makes music in the vein of her self-described "dream disco." Equally as inspired by the disco and funk beats of the '70s as she is the heavenly soundscapes of '90s shoegaze, Honeycraft's latest single sees her drawing upon her wealth of genre influences, as well as bringing a friend along for the ride.

"Inside," the lead single from Honeycraft's upcoming EP, Good Nite, sees her linking up with fellow Los Angeles indie staple Tim Atlas for a serene moment of introspection. Built around the pairing of Honeycraft's wistful serenading and groove-inducing instrumentation and production courtesy of Atlas, "Inside" examines the inner-workings of an increasingly connected yet detached society. 

Honeycraft spoke on her new ethereal single, 

"There are so many ways for people to occupy themselves nowadays (social media, Netflix, etc) that it's pretty easy to avoid your thoughts if you try. Still, there are always moments where they catch up to you - when you wake up in the middle of the night, your phone dies, or you otherwise find yourself alone. I know a lot of people who can't stand to be alone and will avoid it at all costs. I also have times when my thoughts get pretty rough and I'll do anything to not go 'Inside.' Tim and I wanted to write a song about that avoidance and honestly address what it means."

"Inside" arrives as the first taste of Honeycraft's upcoming EP, and it has us fully hooked on her infectious brand of "dream disco." Here's hoping she won't keep up waiting too long for that EP.  

Listen to "Inside" below: