The Jacob Collier Collaboration That Was Written in the Stars

Whether or not you believe in destiny, we can all think of someone who has a purpose seemingly written in the stars and sand, engraved from the sidewalk down to earth's core, and authored into their existence. That is certainly the case with Jacob Collier. 

If you haven't yet heard of Collier, prepare to be enlightened. After sharing YouTube videos in 2012, the now 25-year-old London-born musical wizard went on to garner recognition and praise from many legends, including Quincy Jones who now manages Collier. 

Following his debut album, In My Room, which was (you guessed it) made in his bedroom and awarded two Grammys, Collier began a four-album project titled "Djesse," the first two of which also won Grammys. He has since collaborated with many incredible talents, including Daniel Caesar and Kimbra. Now halfway along the "Djesse" journey, Collier has gifted us fir taste of volume three by way of "All I Need," featuring Mahalia and Ty Dolla $ign, a song he fittingly describes as a "joyous metablast." 

“All I Need" floats deep in the waters of neo-soul, but takes its breaths in synth pop air, leaving listeners treading in excitement at every hit of the snare. Collier's warm, full-bodied voice swimming along a gorgeous melody, in alliance with Mahalia's buoyant, delicate timbre makes for a refreshing fusion, especially upon the entrance of Ty Dolla $ign, who reinforces the soul in neo-soul with his gliding vocal runs. 

The verses begin with a simple "Hi," following a confession like "I love the way that I feel when you put your arms over me," until the admittance "You are all I need" cues the deep dive into a transcendent, anthemic chorus. The track then gracefully ascends out of the water and into the fresh air of synth pop with a tide of energizing key changes, before returning to neo-soul waters, allowing us to float our way back to shore.  

"All I Need" is the collaboration we didn't know we needed. Like Collier's musical existence, the creative collision between Collier, Mahalia and Ty Dolla $ign also seems destined. Perhaps this trio, too, was written in the stars, all over our dimensional walls, and anywhere else things can be written. Whether or not you believe in destiny, one thing is certain. We are all destined to experience the "joyous metablast" that is "All I Need."   

Djesse Vol. 3 is due out this summer via Hajanga/Decca/Interscope. 

Listen to "All I Need" below: