LÉON Finds Love Again “In a Stranger’s Arms”

With the songwriting prowess of Joni Mitchell and vocal chops reminiscent of Adele, LÉON has the keys to musical success. Amassing over three million monthly listeners on Spotify, the Swedish artist is slowly but surely making her mark on the indie pop genre. 

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LÉON's latest single, "In a Stranger's Arms," sees her taking a look at one of life's most difficult moments and wraps it up into a sweet, poetic package. It is a song and sentiment wrapped up in feelings of heartbreak, renewal, and finding the courage to start all over again. LÉON spoke further on the underlying meaning behind "In a Stranger's Arms, sharing, 

"'In a Stranger's Arms' is a breakup ballad that will tug at the heartstrings of anyone who has experienced the insurmountable loss of splitting from someone who could have been the one. The song navigates the difficulty of overcoming heartbreak, being vulnerable enough to give someone new a chance, and starting all over 'in a stranger's arms.'"

In the song that LÉON describes as a "forlorn lullaby," she recalls all of the ways that a breakup changes you, from cutting your hair to returning to old vices. "I'm smoking again / Know how much you hate it / But you weren't here to tell me," confides LÉON in a moment of poignant vulnerability. 

She reminds us there is hope at the end of the tunnel though, that we will get through difficult times and find love again. If you're feeling like you can't be loved, remember that there are over seven billion strangers on this planet, and one of them is for you, but to find them you must open yourself up again.

The release of "In a Stranger's Arms" also welcomes the news of LÉON's sophomore studio, which is set to release later this year. We cannot wait to hear more of her music that takes a graceful, real look at love and life.

Listen to "In a Stranger's Arms" below:

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