Cailin Russo Is Letting a Toxic Relationship “Fade” Away


Photo: Rebecca Hearn

Cailin Russo, the alternative indie queen who recently set the world aflame with her League of Legends' collaborative single “Phoenix,” has returned clutching a box of matches in one hand and an emotionally validating new single and music video in the other. “Fade” unpacks the calamity that is often partnered with reminiscing on a past toxic relationship. Russo’s honest songwriting coupled with the gratifying guitar riffs of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' Nick Zinner makes for an emotionally empowering step into a new era of music.

Russo spoke on the creation of “Fade,” sharing, 

"It's my favorite song I've ever done. It literally brings me to tears. The story is very personal but also relatable. The song literally describes someone watch you deteriorate as a human and not doing anything about it. It's so sad to realize you're in a relationship with someone who knows you're hurting, but won't help change the situation."

The accompanying video for "Fade" teeters between visuals of a distant memory and those portraying a newfound sense of freedom. The sentiment is mirrored in the chorus of the song, as Russo confesses, "I'm not guilty for my mistakes / I'm not proud of what we made / I just try to mean what I say / You just watch me fade away." 

Russo utilizes her charming vocals in such a way that perfectly complements the free-flowing rhythm of Chris Coady's production. “Fade” is a brilliant analysis of exploring an unfulfilling relationship without demonizing oneself for any mistakes they may have made. The song feels like a tight hug from a close friend after a long day, reminding us that our feelings are valid, and it’s okay to make changes needed to improve difficult situations.

Watch the video for “Fade” below: