Lo Village Share an Anthem for The Dream Chasers with New Single, “NERD”

Lo Village has a firm understanding of who they are, what they want and how they are going to achieve their dreams. The immensely talented trio, comprised of members Kane, Ama and Charles Tyler, approach music with a familiar bounce and a unique style all their own. Combining elements of neo-soul and hip hop, Lo Village has been able to flourish through its use of creative production and left-of-center delivery. The group's newest single, "NERD," is a hardy serving of what the DMV natives do best.

Combining glittery neo-soul melodies, West Coast-inspired production and a thick layer of funk, Lo Village delivers an anthem that honors those willing to chase their dreams. Listeners are warmly embraced by the record's melodic opening, effectively creating a serene state of mind before the song's groove-inducing bassline interjects. The remainder of the song is littered with vivid imagery, dueling verses between Kane and Tyler and a rare closing verse from the group's singer, Ama. Lo Village explained the inspiration behind their new single, s

“The title 'NERD' is derived from the acronym 'No One Ever Really Dies.' Our understanding of this, which is conveyed through the song, is that people and outside forces will always try to 'kill' you: whether it's for things that make you unique or just different from everybody else. 'NERD' is an anthem we made to express that since no one ever really dies, there's nothing anyone can do to stop your dreams or change who you are inside.”

The newly released single comes ahead of the group's highly anticipated full-length EP. The group's last project, For the Birds, released in 2017, garnered massive attention.

Listen to Lo Village's new single, "NERD," below: