LoveLeo Revels in the Creative Process in Debut EP ‘LOOK AT THIS MESS IVE MADE’


Photo: Josh Flores

The notion of "the process" takes on a nigh-holy quality in the world of art. Existing in a sort purgatory state, often imperfect to the artist and essential for those attempting to dissect and understand the finished product, the artistic process is often thought of as a necessary stepping stone to some higher state of being. Yet, for genre-bending purveyor LoveLeo, the process, mess and all, builds the crux of his impressive debut EP, LOOK AT THIS MESS IVE MADE.

LoveLeo, born Leo Reilly, who originally struck gold with his viral debut single, "BOYFREN," returns with his highly-anticipated eight-track debut EP. LOOK AT THIS MESS IVE MADE revels in the creative process, finding a sense of devious delight and rapture in these sonic diamonds in the rough.

Previewed by a series of idiosyncratic singles, LoveLeo's debut EP arrives as an expectedly unpredictable romp. From the outset, any lingering expectations are regularly defied with a precision and frequency that feels both intentional and wondrously haphazard. 

Take the track's opener "RECENTLY DELETED," a genuinely affecting slow-burn chronicling the fragility and unshakable nature of love in the digital age. The soft-spoken ballad runs counter to the hypnotic whistles of jealousy that signal the following track, "BOYFREND," whose infectious call to action soon gives way to the raucous dive bar brawl of "AHHHHHHH." 

The one connecting thread that ties LOOK AT THIS MESS IVE MADE together is its Freddie Mercury-evoking star. Whether it be losing yourself in the absolute earworm that is "HEAD OVER HEELS" or being led to the dancefloor by the call of "ROCKBOTTOM," LoveLeo is the one at the helm. The effect is reminiscent of a self-assured child - one who has yet to be taught they need to draw in the lines - beckoning you, tugging at your arm with all their strength, to look at this glorious mess they've made with all the tools at their disposal. 

Listen to LOOK AT THIS MESS IVE MADE and check out the music video for "HEAD OVER HEELS" below: