Meet Fousheé, the Voice Behind “Deep End” Coming For Her Flowers


Many dream of stardom. But for Fousheé, her voice reached fame without her even knowing.

In March of 2020, right as quarantine became a reality, Sleepy Hallow released "Deep End Freestyle," the hook of which is a sample of Fousheé's voice. "Deep End Freestyle" blew up on TikTok, with over 525,000 videos being soundtracked by the hypnotic sample. Other music platforms soon followed suit, as the track shot past 100 million listens on Spotify, alone. 

With viral popularity, everyone knew the "Deep End" voice, but few knew the face or name behind it. Soon enough, there were even some TikTok-ers who took advantage of that anonymity, claiming they were the original artist. 

In May, Fousheé found out what was going on through a friend and joined TikTok to let the world know the voice belongs to her. As she told The FADER "the majority of people believed me but there were still doubters. For the most part, TikTok went above and beyond in fighting for me to get my flowers."

One month later, the song hit the Billboard Top 100. The talented R&B songstress then released a solo version of "Deep End" in her own style, which she describes as "airy vox and harmony paired with the angst of a very emotional Black Leo femme…Sometimes alt-soul, but always the truth." 

The release created a resurgence of the song's popularity on TikTok - this time with Fousheé's name on it. Her rendition was also accompanied by an acoustic version and an official music video which features the artist vibing to the song in the desert while escaping a bounty hunter.

As Fousheé explains it, "Deep End" is "really a success story for Black women. It's about fighting to get what's due to you because it isn't always going to be handed to you." Though her stardom began with anonymity, there's no more mistaking the airy, impassioned, and honest voice of Fousheé.