Melanie Faye Gives Us a Sonic Hug With “It’s a Moot Point”


Photo: Marcus Maddox

In 2017, SZA retweeted a video of a talented guitarist jamming on a sky-colored Fender Stratocaster. The musician behind the guitar was Melanie Faye who began sharing videos of her practices and jam sessions on social media, earning her a captivated following and the promise of a veritable rising star. Fast forward three years, Faye is sharing with us her vibey new single, "It's a Moot Point." 

Driven by a charming guitar loop and grooving backbeat, Faye's new tune radiates warmth, both sonically and lyrically. The chorus begins, "Don't cry / Never wanna see tears in your eyes babe," comforting listeners with a lyrical hug. "It's a Moot Point" is sewn with elements of R&B and neo-soul, two genres Faye says attract her especially because they are cousins of jazz, which she studied at a performing arts high school in Nashville. Nonetheless, Faye began writing songs at an early age, well before studying jazz guitar. 

The 21-year-old artist and guitar virtuoso has since played with Masego, Mac Demarco, Willow Smith, and many other talented artists. She has voiced Michael Jackson, Jimi Hendrix, and Eric Gales to be some of her biggest sonic influences. Other influences include Mariah Carey, Anderson .Paak and Brent Faiyaz.

Faye's intrinsic talent and dedication to her craft are evident through her work. We are so glad she decided to pick up that Stratocaster and press record a few years ago. Having released two gorgeous singles and now gifting us with a third, it will be exciting to see what Faye has in store for us next.

Listen to "It's a Moot Point" below: