Ocean Alley’s “Tombstone” Is an Electrifying Bout of Rock Revival

Photo: Charlie Hardy

It is not easy to find promising rock n' roll music nowadays, but alas we're blessed with yet another killer single from our beloved Aussie rockers, Ocean Alley. Hailing from Sydney's Northern Beaches, Ocean Alley is a six-piece psychedelic rock band infused with funky basslines and soulful vocals bound to catch your attention the moment you hear their addictive guitar tones.

After a year of touring, including a sold-out US run, the band decided to recoup back home with family and friends. But, more importantly, write and record new music for their hungry fans. With previous singles "Stained Glass" and "Infinity" released earlier this year, it was hard to think they would be able to top what they've already graced us with. But "Tombstone" has proven us wrong.

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"Tombstone" begins with a clean chord progression and a bassline that forces you to bop your head to the way Nic Blom's fingers dance upon the strings. The drums are straightforward and punchy, adding a perfect essence to the song while not drowning out everything else going on. But, it was the outro that really sold me. Around the three minute mark, they let the guitarist really shred and put a spacey effect over the vocals, almost convincing you this could be an uncovered Pink Floyd song.

The song has a deep meaning installed within it. "Tombstone" touches on reminiscing about places you once loved that are now ridden with bad vibes and negative energy. Ocean Alley goes on to discuss the amount of love and passion put behind the song, sharing,

"'Tombstone' is a song that reminisces about a place that was once ideal, a place that was once the perfect respite, now just a wasteland. Recorded at The Grove Studios and produced by Callum Howell, this track was built over two days from demos and is the next single following 'Stained Glass' and 'Infinity.' It's a '…should've been here yesterday…' moment that we've turned into something passionate and heartfelt."

"Tombstone" is a song you should not look past. With its release, Ocean Alley has proven their dominance in the rock n' roll revival movement.

Listen to "Tombstone" below: