Ones To Watch Meets Cailin Russo [Q&A]


Love is at the core of Cailin Russo's nostalgic indie rock. It is not a sentiment that lingers in heartfelt sentimentality but one that bursts forth from the speakers during the course of her sophomore EP, The Drama. It is a project filled with thematic highs and lows, and in turn, arrives as a sophomore outing that establishes Russo's striking voice and vision.

More than just a sonic trip down memory lane by way of the synth-driven "Sicko" or the instantly infectious and gritty "Fade," The Drama sees Russo delivering a collection of songs that defy time. The inspiration may be rooted in the traditions of rock and the occasional new wave detour, but taken all together, we have an EP that is brimming with newfound life. Russo spoke further on the new project, sharing

"The whole EP is a play by play of everything I went through during my crumbling relationship. The highs, the lows, the confusing fucked up parts, and in conclusion, The Drama. The story starts at the demise, from a place of defeat…but the hero perseveres, and regains her power. I like to think of the whole experience as a sad triumph, sonically and spiritually."

We sat down with Russo outside of L.A.G. Vintage in Silverlake following the release of her standout sophomore project to get to know the artist behind the music. From rock and roll very much being in her DNA to why she makes music, Ones To Watch meets Cailin Russo.

Listen to The Drama below: