Pink Roses’ EP “=“ Is an Emotional Soundtrack to the Lives We Once Lived

Invariably, 2021 has been just as emotional as we hoped it wouldn’t be - a year we collectively benchmarked as we hoped normalcy would reign in our minds and daily lives. Pink Roses' latest EP “=” is an emotional soundtrack to that life we want to live again. Where love interests, blunted feelings and arbitrary social holidays like Valentine’s Day were the main sources of our endless anxiety. Self-described as “cinematic, emotional and dreamy,” the EP is a virtuous celebration of feelings, chasing horizons and reinventing your psyche.

That inventiveness makes sense as the duo, consisting of Dave Fontenot (lead singer) and Nate Tepper (guitar/piano/drums), have a tech entrepreneur background. They met in San Francisco as roommates in a tech hacker house. Hence, their ability to emotively ideate is an extension of their daily rigmarole. Much like a startup, the duo has been prodigious with ambition, crafting over a hundred songs against the backdrop of the pandemic. The well they have drawn from suggests much more to come as the group scales up for future success. Drinkup this EP and expect more sonic libations in the near future, call it pinkchampagne pop for the new year.