Pink Sweat$ Drops a Sequel That Actually Rivals the Original With ‘Vol. 2’


If you haven't heard, Pink Sweat$ is absolutely killing it right now. The left-of-center R&B singer and producer is known for his show-stopping vocals, tasteful production, and signature pink garb. The past year has been in the artist's court, with recognition from both Rolling Stone and Billboard as an R&B artist to watch. Though he hails from Philadelphia, Pink Sweat$ has been on the move recently with tour dates, which most notably include Lollapalooza and BottleRock. His current successes are the result of his incredibly crafted 2018 EP Volume 1, leaving fans, fellow musicians, and industry tastemakers alike asking the same question, "Is there going to be a Volume 2?" We're tickled pink to see that there is, and for once, the sequel is just as good as the original.

The first track on the EP, "I Know," has serious "House of the Rising Sun" energy. Released as a single, the song already has over a million streams on Spotify alone. The most blues-oriented of the tracks on the album, "I Know" adds a touch of southern heat to the project.

"Coke & Henny Pt. 1" does not sound how you might expect a song with "Coke and Henny" in the title to sound. Cheerful and simple, the song has gentle harmonies, which stream in like sunlight. Between cleanly picked guitar, Pink Sweat$ outlines a hopeful longing for another person. The follow-up, "Coke & Henny Pt. 2" shows off his falsetto as Pink Sweat$ enters a vulnerable space. The conclusion to the former song is unfortunate, as he sings, "Your love it used to fill me up, but now I'm fillin' my cup/ Mixin' Coke and Henny got me low and dizzy/ I just hope that you're sleeping alone."

Oof - that one went straight to the heart. The next song, "Your Side" features tinny percussion, which slowly percolates, giving sensual movement to the track. Pink Sweat$ touches on the pain that comes with a newly empty bed, eased only by the memory of the person that used to share it.


Finally, "Body Ain't Me" ends the EP with a stirring vocal performance from Pink Sweat$. Melodically, the song evokes goosebumps from head to toe as he scales up and down his impressive range. This song is about to assist so many heartbroken people. Pink Sweat$ manages to sing of jealousy honestly and with care, belting out, "I lied when I said I hate you, baby I was tryin' to get through/ I don't want nobody on you if that body ain't me."

Pink Sweat$ is on a dramatically positive trajectory in his career, and Vol. 2 has us simultaneously marking our calendars for his upcoming shows and texting our exes to see if it is too late work things out. Give the EP some attention - we pinky promise it's worth the listen.

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