Pink Sweat$ Takes It to the Next Level in Bluesy “I Know” Ahead of ‘Volume II’ EP


With endless charisma and an unbelievable talent for songwriting, rising R&B artist Pink Sweat$ is following up Volume 1 (EP 2018) with a stunning new single, "I Know." The Philadelphia-native began his music career as a demo vocalist at Sound Stigma Studios at age 19, producing for established names like Florida Georgia Line, MAX, and Tierra Whack. Most known for his breakout single "Honesty," Pink Sweat$ has perfected a stripped-down production style with calm instrumentation to leave room for his stunning vocals to shine.

As a charming artist who focuses on themes of heartbreak and personal growth, Pink Sweat$ explores a similar concept in his shattering new single, "I Know." He suggests that someone has already claimed his heart and there's no returning it at this point in the honest chorus, "Since we crossed that bridge, ain't no turning back / I gave you my heart, I ain't seen it since." The simple, sultry guitars and soothing percussion underneath his sweet crooning are exactly what we needed to confirm that Pink Sweat$ is most definitely worth keeping our eyes on.

The accompanying music video for "I Know" is set in a dystopian desert where Pink Sweat$ is forced to defend himself and other fearful survivors from a zombie apocalypse. With accents of his signature shade of pink throughout the eventful visual, Pink Sweat$ saves a frightened fugitive who eventually seeks shelter at their hideaway saloon. Towards the end of the engaging narrative, Pink Sweat$ is tragically bitten by a recently-converted zombie and his eyes turn into a dramatic pink.

Escape the zombie apocalypse with Pink Sweat$ in the "I Know" music video below:

Pink Sweat$ has announced that his highly-anticipated EP, Volume II, will be released on March 29. For more on the soulful singer, revisit our New Artist Discovery on Pink Sweat$.