Poppy Ajudha and Mahalia’s “Low Ride” Is the Ultimate Night Drive Mood


"Low Ride" is a grooving, sultry new single marked by a collaboration that seems like it was meant to happen. Poppy Ajudha's soulful, bodied voice and Mahalia's delicate timbre make for a complimenting combination. Evoking the likes of Erykah Badu and Lauryn Hill, respectively, "Low Ride" brings back the charm of late '90s R&B queens, carrying with it a sense of female regality. 

"Low Ride" also carries with it a majestic lyrical flow. Setting the stage of driving "in the dead of…[a] starry night," lyrics like, "Come with me, baby / I got to show you something / Maybe we can get free / Take a trip with me," flow forth with impeccable ease. The feeling is only heightened Poppy as Mahalia's vocals coalesce, reminding us there is power in owning and expressing your passion. There is also a recurring theme of needing to "get free," perhaps reflecting a desire for the weightless sensation of finding love, driving in the middle of the night, or that of confidently conveying what you want.

Accompanied by Ajudha's six-piece band, "Low Ride" drives listeners through varied, colorful avenues of jazz, blues, and funk. The song has many moving parts, with harmonies, a funky backbeat, bouncy, moving bass lines, ambient horns and warm, jazzy keys sprinkled throughout.

Merging Mahalia's velvety vocal range with Poppy's old school jazz and Motown-inspired sound makes for a refreshing blend. The powerhouse collaboration between these two rising UK stars radiates an aura of queenship and reminds us what is possible when women unite. After all, it is no secret that every woman has a queen within them.

Watch the "Low Ride" video below: