Preview a Sticky Fingers Concert with the Exhilarating “Sunsick Moon” Video


Following a two year hiatus, Sticky Fingers finally treated us to their latest incredible album, Yours To Keep (LP 2019), which is considerably the defining pinnacle of their illustrious career and a showcase of their continual growth over the years. The Australian quintet's stunning record is a refreshing explosion of jangly indie rock that takes us on a scenic route through more pressing matters like death, politics, and substance abuse. Between Yours To Keep's 11 dynamic tracks, "Sunsick Moon" is arguably the most relatable anthem that reflects on the complications that come along with any relationship.

Directed by Tim Nathan, the zestful music video for "Sunsick Moon" follows two passionate lovers (portrayed by Thom Green and Mia Evans Rorris), as they evolve from infatuated darlings into disconnected individuals. As "Sunsick Moon" seeks to understand people's dubious decisions and baffling behavior, the female lead begins to question the problematic relationship and her own selfish desires. Once Green's character notices his girlfriend dancing and laughing with another man, he becomes aggrieved and storms out of the sold-out Sticky Fingers concert.

Before you buy your tickets to Sticky Fingers' 'Yours To Keep Album' tour (presented by yours truly), treat yourself to an exhilarating preview of one of their packed shows with the "Sunsick Moon" music video below:

If you missed their March tour dates, catch Sticky Fingers on tour this summer when they're playing in a city near you!