Savor the End of Summer with "ARIZONA" by young friend and ella jane


2020 has felt like a time warp. This summer has felt really long, but also has gone by in a blink of an eye. "ARIZONA" by young friend featuring ella jane tells that narrative all too well. The vibrant song takes us on a journey of uncertainty and confusion. A time where many of us are left with little direction but a lot of depression-inducing loneliness. These two emerging artists are here to let us know we're not alone.

The production is calming. A warm feeling for a long drive on a warm day.This song puts an ease to your anxiety over the unpredictability of everything. Both young friend and ella jane's vocals mesh effortlessly. The harmonies are on point, layered admirably. The guitar tone is clear-cut and steers away from being too overbearing.

But, it's the message that sticks out most. "Summer doesn't last all year, my love." A powerful line in the hook. A line that could be perceived in different ways, but isn't that what makes a song so beautiful? A song where anyone can listen to it, and connect with it in their own way. Whether it's a song about a summer romance that won't last, or a song of the summer after graduation during a time of a recession and you can't seem to get back on your feet. Despite what you're going through, this song seems to connect to any given situation you may be dealing with. A therapeutic song from young friend and ella jane to let you know you're not alone.