SEBASTIAN PAUL Scores a Moment of Transition in ‘BOY OH BOY’


SEBASTIAN PAUL is carving out a path all his own. Raised in a military family and currently finding himself between Los Angeles and Colorado, PAUL claims no specific home. This sense of constant transition fuels his expansive sophomore EP.

BOY OH BOY is one of those rare projects that simply demands your attention. An artist clearly not too keen to linger on any singular moment for far too long, PAUL's sophomore outing is rife with unexpected twists and turns, which only unfurls to give way to further unexpected developments. The result is intoxicating. At one moment you are greeted by the otherworldly production of "INDULGE," which in turns sheds its skin to explosive effect, and before you know it, you arrive at the Phoebe Ryan - assisted "SO DONE," a tale of human nature layered beneath an infectious hip-hop beat.  

The range demonstrated throughout BOY OH BOY's five-track run is likely a direct result of its fundamental creation. Mirroring the tumultuous, ever-changing experience of young adult, PAUL has set out to score those varied moments through a collection of equally varied tracks. PAUL spoke on the underlying inspiration behind BOY OH BOY

"Each track looks to serve as a snapshot into this transitional phase of life, a set of experiences, and lessons. I'm trying to place the listener right in the center of these moments."

If BOY OH BOY serves as a snapshot into PAUL's transitional phase in life, perhaps a sixth track is needed, one that details his inevitable ascent.

Listen to BOY OH BOY below: