See Yourself in Laura Elliott’s “Caroline”


If you're in need of an enchanting harmonic tune to clear your mind and clear your skin, look no further than Laura Elliott's "Caroline." Her second single is giving us a major throwback to early Norah Jones. What's both said and unsaid by her makes the song a major player in our winter playlist.

Embossed in what's beginning to seem like her signature swirling harmonies, "Caroline" takes listeners on a journey into the singer's mind. Elliott's vulnerability is on full display as she uses it as a tool of intimacy. She said this of the song, "Caroline is a really personal song to me. It's basically about all the things that scare me, friendships, relationships, my past, mental health. I think it's a song that a lot of people will be able to relate to."

We think so too. Listen to "Caroline" below: