Clairo and Her Best Friends Have Formed Your New Favorite Band, Shelly


When doomscrolling in 2020 there is the occasional story or announcement that manages to break up the seemingly endless clutter of monotony and dread. Tonight, as I navigated my way between Instagram and TikTok with no end in sight, I came across that rare iridescent interruption courtesy of none other than Clairo

Announced in the same nonchalant fashion an old acquaintance may inform you of that they were starting a side hustle with a friend from high school, Clairo took to Instagram to announce the formation of a new band, Shelly. "my best friends and I made a band" introduces the post before going on further to state, we created everything during quarantine in LA, Chicago, Houston and Atlanta. hope you check it & enjoy 🥳."

Consisting of Claud, Josh Mehling, and Noa Frances Getzug, and aforementioned bedroom pop star turned indie darling, Shelly's debut release arrives in the form of an A/B double release. "Steeeam" and "Natural" both carry with them an effortless dreamlike warmth, like sitting in on your friend's band practice in a perfectly unplaceable suburban garage. And while the former undeniably has a sunnier, slacker rock vibe, it is difficult not to get carried away by the ethereal synths on display in "Natural"

With hopefully the first two of many singles to come, Shelly already has us drifting further and further away from this plane of existence, and man did we need it.

Listen to "Steeeam" and "Natural" below: