Still Woozy Takes Us on a Tour of His Mind in “BS”

It's no secret that whoever has control of the aux chord has control of the mood. With his new single, "BS," Still Woozy captures his stream of consciousness in a two minute and 14 second sonic divulgence, as if taking the aux chord and plugging it directly into his brain. 

The song opens with a retro sounding synth playing a melodic pattern until Sven Gamsky's voice introduces the first line, "I leave in the morning, don’t be mad, I know," which triggers the beat with a Still Woozy-type snare. The pre-chorus continues, "I know you got some things hurting you bad, although / I got a million voices in my head, hollow / All of them keep telling me to go."

The chorus sneaks up and with it unveils more sonic layers, including panned vocals, reverberant acoustic guitar arpeggios, and an echoing snare. It is as though every part of the song is another stolen glimpse into Gamsky's head while the chorus is a furtive glimpse into his heart, where the reverb embodies the emotional signals flooding his mind, muffling the millions of voices. The ambience Gamsky creates beautifully supports the vocals as he admits, "Honestly lately, I wanna throw them all away / …and just lay with you all day / 'Til it all goes grey."

After the first chorus, we begin to see this head versus heart dilemma play out, with the lyrics "I wanna stay, ain’t gonna lie / It don’t get better than your big brown eyes / Oh, I think I broke my brain… / Gotta get out of my head." The song ends with the return of the enveloping chorus and remains in that space until the aux chord is unplugged.

The "BS" music video features Gamsky holding, then immediately dropping his brain, before he hops on different bikes, taking a solo journey through various terrains until he finds himself in forest where he is once again confronted with his brain. Gamsky then rides a horse to the ocean, where he dives into the water but emerges from a bathtub before he exits the bathroom and sees a woman drawing the "BS" cover art. 

Any situation that pits your head against your heart is the perfect setup for the ultimate dilemma. Although Gamsky does not spell out for us which part of this internal struggle feels like "BS," his use of the aux chord to create an immersive excursion through his mind certainly has us understanding this plight, leaving us feeling still woozy.

Listen to "BS" below: