TOBi Finds Inspiration in Sigmund Freud for Voluptuous Single, “Sweet Poison”


Sigmund Freud is not only the Godfather of modern psychology but also the muse behind TOBi's voluptuous second single of 2019, "Sweet Poison." The track follows his highly praised official debut single, "City Blues" which received praise by the likes of Jamie Foxx and Uncle Snoop.

Of the newly released single, TOBi says,

"Sometimes we're drawn to a particular type of poison, consciously aware that it's not good for us. In this song, I wanted to be open with my vices to show it's a prominent part of the human experience."

Pulling inspiration from Freud's repetition compulsion theory, the track is sensual and dynamic. TOBi comes in with harmonious vocals, blending singing with smooth falsettos and rap. The lyrics tell a haunting story of being captivated by the same kind of person and finding excitement in the unknown. The instrumentation is brilliantly simple and yet, catchy. Hooked right in by the first note, TOBi plays around with his vocal range. He croons the lyrical hook we cannot get out of our head, "You're my sweet poison/ sweet poison."

Setting the tone for what is set to be his upcoming studio album, the track cements the Nigerian-Canadian as a budding artist in the world of R&B and hip hop. On the plans set forth for 2019, TOBi discloses,

"2019 is the year people may hear my name for the first time. I'm going to consistently put out new work, starting with more visuals to accompany the music. I'm a multidimensional artist and I believe in breaking boxes, expectations and defying limits."

Give the new single a listen below,