Transport Yourself to Omar Apollo’s 80s Dance Party with the Technicolored “So Good” Video


Photo Credit: Vinny Romero

Good news… you're all invited to Omar Apollo's neverending 80's technicolored dance party! The first-generation Mexican-American known for fusing R&B, funk, soul, and pop together recently unveiled his phenomenal Friends EP, which has already won over the hearts of millions worldwide. Of course, it wouldn't feel right to have such vivid melodies without accompanying music videos, so Apollo has taken it upon himself to release yet another creative visual after "Trouble" and "Ashamed."

Apollo is fulfilling this funk-fueled anthem's destiny with a lively music video that'll have you dancing around in no time. As the protagonist of the Kevin Lombardo-directed video, Apollo performs "So Good" throughout the energetic visual until he finds himself mopping the trashed dance floor with headphones on. From this, we understand that Apollo had been fantasizing what his life would be like if he were a rockstar… as I'm sure we all do.

Transport yourself to Omar Apollo's never-ending dance party with the  "So Good" music video below:

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