Unusual Demont Delivers a Mesmerizing Vibe in the Prince-Inspired “Purple”


Fresh off the success of his previous single "Pine," Unusual Demont returns with "Purple, "his second single of 2021. Though the past few months have brought the Wisconsin native an incredible magnitude of attention from press and fans alike, Unusual Demont's music still bursts at the seams with personality and intimate attention. Though "Pine" was a relatively upbeat banger that existed in the middle ground between funky and psychedelic, "Purple" sees Unusual Demont branching into a much more seductive and hypnotic style.

On his latest single, Unusual Demont delivers fans a soulful and downtempo track that oozes artistic potential at every moment. Where "Pine" drew comparisons to Thundercat or Miguel, this time around "Purple" carries subtle parallels to dvsn, Steve Lacy, or more transparently, Prince. 

In an interview with Variance, he reveals that he had been listening to a lot of Prince prior to the creation of "Purple," describing the beat from producer Elijah Cruz as "divine timing." Over an ethereal and reverberating mix, Unusual Demont offers a heart-wrenching performance describing a bittersweet moment of romantic tension.

This year Unusual Demont is two for two, with each single giving an in-depth look into his affinity for clever songwriting and careful composition. Whether or not Unusual Demont can maintain this artistic momentum in the future is yet to be seen, but given his track record, it would be unwise to bet against him. Whether or not you're already a 'Montie' pining for Steve Lacy to hop on the remix, or if this is your first time hearing Unusual Demont's music, now is the perfect time to vibe out to "Purple." 

Listen to "Purple" below: