Witness an Epic Moment of Self-Realization in Mothica’s “Love Me Better” Visual [PREMIERE]


A new wave of artists is upon us, and they have an important mission: to bring mental health issues into the limelight and make them a topic that people can discuss openly. Rather than wearing a fake smile, these artists make mental health issues into pieces of music and art, to show people that they're not alone and that there are healthy ways to deal with their demons. Mothica has been a mover and shaker on that horizon, sharing her story publicly to shed light on topics of mental illness, addiction, and suicide.

"Love Me Better" sees Mothica taking a hard look in the mirror and mustering her strength in a moment of painful self-awareness. Far from a typical love song, the dark pop anthem allows Mothica to confess her lack of self-love and acknowledge that she deserves to love herself better.

 The accompanying visual sees Mothica literally looking in a mirror, conveying that deep level of reflection that is necessary and crucial for change. When the bridge hits, Mothica admits that she's aware, even afraid, of the power that she will unlock by giving herself the love that she deserves. Expansive instrumentation with horns and hard-hitting drums accompany the chorus, as Mothica finally harnesses that self-love. Fireworks explode in the distance behind her, a physical manifestation of the power she wields when she gives herself that true love. 

Mothica spoke on how the song became a journey to self-love, sharing

"'Love Me Better' started out as a love song about someone else and ended as an anthem for my own self-empowerment. We shot the music video on my rooftop in Brooklyn on the Fourth of July. I always thought the chorus deserved a confetti canon, so fireworks seemed fitting!"

Ones to Watch is bringing you an exclusive first viewing of the dazzling dark pop visual below:

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