YEBBA Blesses Mark Ronson’s Sad Banger, “Don’t Leave Me Lonely,” with Her Angelic Vocals


Photo Credit: Shervin Lainez

If you've listened to Mark Ronson's upbeat new single, "Don't Leave Me Lonely," then you must've also heard YEBBA's angelic voice. Otherwise known as Abbey Smith, the 24-year-old from Memphis, Arkansas, has received praise from Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran for her passionate songwriting that evokes the all-too-familiar feeling of heartbreak at its very core. With a GRAMMY award to her name, YEBBA is nowhere near the end of her promising career as she just released a single collaboration with Ronson, titled "Don't Leave Me Lonely."

Just one of YEBBA's features on Ronson's forthcoming album, Late Night Feelings, "Don't Leave Me Lonely" is all about the fear of being left behind by someone you really care about. YEBBA's powerful vocals, which certainly have gospel roots, are layered over Ronson's loose synths and airy drums that tie together the entire song. Before YEBBA releases her highly-anticipated debut album, we definitely recommend familiarizing yourself with her unique voice with Ronson's Late Night Feelings (due out June 21).

On a heartfelt Instagram post dedicated to Mark Ronson, YEBBA wrote,

"Dear Mark, thank you for seeing me through my heartache. Being around you has truly reset my personal life on a higher course. I've learned poise under pressure and music over everythang. Love u forever, friend. Now let's dance, Markus."

Dance through heartbreak with YEBBA in "Don't Leave Me Lonely" below: