Just in Time For the Olympics, Yung Bae Links With Pink Sweat$ and Sam Fischer For “Silver and Gold”


This year has been an exceptionally busy one, but it's been even busier for Yung Bae. Since 2021 began merely months ago, the young producer has been steadily churning out banger after banger with guests ranging from Marc E. Bassy to Channel Tres. This week we're still neck-deep in Olympics season, so it seems only fitting that Yung Bae would unite with Australian pop icon Sam Fischer and songwriter mastermind Pink Sweat$ for their newest collaboration, "Silver and Gold."

Though some of us may be a little teary-eyed given that the summer is coming to an end, "Silver and Gold" is sure to brighten your spirits with its celebratory optimism and unique electronic register. Featuring vocal appearances from Sam Fischer and Pink Sweat$, Yung Bae provides them the perfect foundation to flourish. From the track's pop percussion to Yung Bae's layers of horns, this perfectly-polished banger is the perfect summer anthem as the season starts to wind down. Though usually known for his work in the future funk and vaporwave realms, Yung Bae demonstrates an incredible versatility and palpable chemistry with Fischer and Sweat$.

"Silver and Gold" is the collaboration I didn't know I needed until now, and thankfully Yung Bae, Pink Sweat$, and Sam Fischer managed to stick the landing effortlessly. 2021 has been a busy year for Fischer and Sweat$ as well - with a Demi Lovato collab from the former and the debut album PINK PLANET from the latter. With more eclectic and forward-thinking collaborations likely right around the corner, it may be wise to keep a watchful eye on Yung Bae as he aims for gold.

Listen to "Silver and Gold" below: