10 Virgo Artists to Celebrate This Astrological Season


Virgo season is here, and it's time to get our s**t together. Now that Leo season has come to an end, it's time to sit down and chill out. From August 23 to September 23 (which happens to fall on the autumn equinox), it's time to set aside some "you time," work on some self-improvement, and fine-tune your routine.

Virgo season is here to offer independent energy, so try taking yourself out on a dinner date, spend some time alone to fill out your planner, or even set aside some time to apply a face mask. You should also practice following your gut. After all, Virgo rules over the stomach area, so trust your hunches and maybe work on elevating your eating habits.  

Mercury is the ruling planet of Virgo, so those born during this time period tend to be more on the intellectual side, are highly analytical, and can often be restless individuals. These Earth signs are sensitive to their surroundings and want to feel appreciated - so tell your Virgo friends you appreciate them; they value validation.

Let's jump into 10 lovable, hardworking Virgo artists you should celebrate this astrological season.

Kim Petras - August 27, 1992

Kim Petras is an electro pop icon who is an inspiration to all. This Virgo feels like she's more of a Leo, which would make sense because her moon is in the fiery sign, and those two placements together makes her the ruthless star she is today. Petras is headstrong and knows what she wants, like the passionate Virgo she is. This trans beauty is an activist who deviates from the norm.

When Kim Petras said "I want all my clothes designer/I want someone else to buy ‘em/If I cannot get it right now/I don’t want it, I don’t want it, I don’t want it at all," in her song "I Don’t Want It At All," her relentless Virgo side gleamed.

Julia Jacklin - August 30, 1990

This Australian Virgo has a way of making music that is relatable yet deeply personal. Her indie folk-rock songs have an alternative slow groove to them that hits deep. Virgos tend to be very skilled at expressing their feelings, and Julia Jacklin is no exception. Her music roams intimate areas of her life, touching on topics around the "Me Too" movement, insecurities, self-consciousness, and more. She's in touch with herself and her surroundings, and we love to see it.  

Jungkook of BTS - September 1, 1997

This famous Virgo is a member of global K-Pop group BTS, and if you've never heard of them, they're a seven-member boy band straight from Seoul, South Korea, that have a very passionate fanbase. This constantly evolving hip hop/dance-pop group is a global success, reaching audiences from diverse backgrounds. Virgo king Jungkook joined BTS as the fourth member of the group at the age of 15 and is the youngest member of BTS. He radiates big successful, passionate Virgo energy.

Beyoncé - September 4, 1981

Where do I even begin? This Virgo sun, Scorpio moon has touched many, many lives with her power, her grace, her art etc. Beyoncé has music for everyone: she has slow jams and absolute bangers; she has songs that'll make you cry and songs that will empower you. This Earth sign appears incredibly grounded, and wise beyond her years. Dare we deem her the mother of Virgos? I think it's fitting.

Beyoncé has found a way to present herself to the world as almost ethereal, yet incredibly human. She doesn't run away from her flaws, but embraces and accepts them, which is represented in her music. This Virgo even wrote a song that explains the loving qualities of Virgos everywhere!

Mark Ronson - September 4, 1975

This Grammy award-winning DJ/songwriter/singer/producer/multi-instrumentalist is a Virgo sun Leo moon. Mark Ronson really does it all, in model Virgo fashion. These Earth signs tend to get bored when they're not working on a project, so it makes sense that he is always grinding in one way or another on new collaborations and projects. His Leo moon combined with his Virgo sun is a formula for success, determination, and confidence.

Ronson recently collaborated with one of our favorite electro-pop artists, King Princess, where they  paired up with Sony Music and Instagram to create the first interactive Instagram story music video. The video is for their song "Pieces of Us," which can be experienced  here.

This Virgo is one of the great innovators in music at the moment, and we're excited to see what he does next.

Sheck Wes - September 10, 1998

If you haven't heard the song "Mo Bamba" play on a hot, sunny afternoon with a lukewarm Pabst Blue Ribbon in hand and your bros at your side - have you truly experienced what it's like to be a human being in 2018/2019? Jokes aside, this Virgo has created music that people will find years from now and be transported back in time.  

The multi-talented rapper/model/producer Sheck Wes is a hardworking Virgo you can't miss this astrological season. The Harlem rapper is just getting started.

Joji - September 18, 1992

Joji's energy sometimes encapsulates typical Virgo characteristics, like reservedness and broodiness, along with introspective vibes, which are some qualities that make his songs so intriguing. The R&B singer has a very special way of reflecting specific feelings, communicating certain emotions effectively in his songs. This Virgo can come off as thoughtful, and even sometimes gloomy, but he has a very prominent wild side; and when released, he's unstoppable.    

Noname -  September 18, 1991

Noname is such a Virgo and we love it. The poetic rapper  even has a book club, which is such an incredible Virgo move. This down to Earth artist is hard not to love. Through her music, Noname uses her outlet to discuss being a person of color in America, gender inequality, today's general political climate, and more. This hardworking Virgo has a lax hip-hop groove to her music, with warm vocals, soothing melodies, and an endlessly sophisticated sound.

Sabrina Claudio - September 19, 1996

Virgo energy + R&B slow grooves = Sabrina Claudio's emotion-filled music that's perfect for when you need to zen out. Sabrina Claudio's breathy, enchanting vocals never fail to evoke deep emotions to her calming discography. This graceful Virgo's music can help you unwind a little bit this astrological season. It will remind you to unclench your jaw, while putting you at ease.

Cole Becker - September 21, 1995

It's Cole Becker's world and we're just living in it. This Virgo is the frontman of power pop group SWMRS, and the world is just a little bit sweeter with him living in it. He says he identifies more with Libras which makes sense since he is a Virgo/Libra cusp (so close). Cole Becker exemplifies sweet, sweet Virgo energy, he's so lovable and down to Earth, it hurts. This Virgo is always trying to do the right thing, and is a big promoter of sustainable practices and political involvement.  

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