Allan Rayman's "Poison" Is the Ultimate Alternative R&B Antidote


A charming R&B artist with a knack for storytelling, Allan Rayman remains a mysterious character in the music industry. With four albums under his belt, Rayman is no stranger to creating a sonic experience that intrigues listeners by way of his utterly raw vocals. Following his latest effort, Harry Hard-On (LP 2018), Rayman is back with an intoxicating new single, "Poison."

Opening with a gritty guitar chord, "Poison" leads into Rayman's gravelly vocals that embody his indubitable passion from within. Rayman willingly exposes his diminishing mental state as he discusses the sickness he is seemingly facing all while bashing how toxic his body has become. The twangy guitars and crushing percussion add to the serious tone of Rayman's lyricism in "Poison" that once again proves the maturity of his developed songwriting.

On "Poison," Allan Rayman shared,

"I really forgot about the song. I had made it with the intention of it being part of 'Harry Hard-On,' and I guess I just overlooked it. I rediscovered it, and I love the song so here we are."

Pick up your dose of Allan Rayman's alternative R&B "Poison" below:

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